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PlantPen PRI 200 & NDVI 300


PlantPen is a reflectance-based device that provides a convenient, low-cost method of measuring the relative chlorophyll content of a leaf sample. PlantPens measure and calculate particular reflectance indices to assess chlorophyll content, protoprotecting carotenoids, and other important features in live foliage. Two standard Plant Pen versions measure the most common indexes: PRI and NDVI.

  • The PlantPen model PRI 200 measures Photochemical Reflectance Index in two narrow wavelength bands centered close to 531 nm and 570 nm. PRI is sensitive to changes in carotenoid pigments that are indicative of photosynthetic light use efficiency, the rate of carbon dioxide uptake, or as a reliable water-stress index. As such, it is used in studies of vegetation productivity and stress.

  • The PlantPen model NDVI 300 measures Normalized Difference Vegetation Index, which is an important indicator of chlorophyll content in plants. The device compares reflected light at two distinct wavelengths, 660 and 740 nm. The pigment in plant leaves - chlorophyll - strongly absorbs visible light (from 0.4 to 0.7 μm) for use in photosynthesis. The cell structure of leaves, on the other hand, strongly reflects near-infrared light (from 0.7 to 1.1 μm). The differences in plant reflectance in the visible and near-infrared wavelengths are used to calculate NDVI index. NDVI is directly related to the photosynthetic capacity and hence energy absorption of plant canopies.

Rugged and compact PlantPens can be favorably used in the field, in the plant biology lab or for education. A handy leaf clip, simple two-button operation, and a bright display make the PlantPen an easy-to-use instrument that does not disturb investigated plants (no leaf detaching or damaging). It takes four AAA alkaline batteries and is supplied in a robust case.

More sophisticated PlantPen models incorporate PC connectivity (Bluetooth or USB) and FluorPen 1.0 software provides visualization and data transfer routines to a computer and many additional features for data presentation in tables and graphs.

  • Rugged and compact device

  • Easy-to-use two-button operation

  • Fast and quickly repeatable results

  • Comprehensive software for data processing

  • USB or Bluetooth communication for data transfer

  • PlantPen PRI 200 & NDVI 300

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