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AquaPen-C AP-C 100


AquaPen-C is a new cuvette version of the FluorPen fluorometer. It is a pocket-sized lightweight device that is very convenient for quick, reliable, and easily repeatable measurements in the field or laboratory. It is equipped with a blue and red LED emitter, optically filtered and precisely focused to deliver light intensities of up to 3,000 μmol(photon).m-2.s-1 to measured suspensions. Blue excitation light (455 nm) is intended for chlorophyll excitation, i.e., for measuring chlorophyll fluorescence in algal cultures. Red-orange excitation light (620 nm) is intended for excitation through phycobilins and is suitable for measuring in cyanobacteria. Due to high sensitivity - 0.5 μg Chl/l - the AquaPen-C can measure natural water samples containing low concentrations of phytoplankton.

Data transfer is via USB or Bluetooth communication. Comprehensive FluorPen 1.0 software provides data transfer routines and many additional features for data presentation in tables and graphs. Parameters recorded by the AquaPen-C include FT, QY, NPQ, OJIP Analysis, Light Curve, and also optical density at 680 and 720 nm.

  • Photosynthesis research

  • Photosynthesis education

  • Phycology

  • Limnology

  • Oceanography

  • Biotechnology

  • AquaPen-C

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