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Monitoring Pen MP 100


Monitoring Pen MP 100 is a light-weight, portable and durable fluorometer; it is an extended version of the popularFluorPen. Due to its robust and weatherproof construction the Monitoring Pen is designed for long-term, unattended monitoring of chlorophyll fluorescence parameters in lab or field experiments, even in rough environmental conditions. It is battery operated (internal or external battery) and it may optionally use a solar panel as a power supply.

Monitoring Pen is capable of measuring five most frequently used fluorescence parameters: FT, QY, OJIP, NPQ, and Light Curve. Thus it can be effectively used for studying photosynthetic activity, long-term monitoring of photosynthetic performance in naturally changing environmental conditions, stress detection, herbicide testing, or growth performance monitoring in controlled and field conditions.

Monitoring Pen features programmable autonomous operation with automated switch ON function, which allows long lasting and self-governing battery-powered operation. Measured data are sequentially stored in the internal FluorPen memory. Data transfer to a PC is via USB or Bluetooth communication. Comprehensive FluorPen 1.0 software provides data transfer routines and many additional features for data presentation in tables and graphs.

Additionally, numerous monitoring units can be linked together and operated from the central steering unit, which is linked to a data logger and mobile modem for online data transfer (optional).

  • Rugged and compact device constructed both for lab use (MP 100-S) and for unattended extreme outdoor conditions (MP 100-E)

  • Autonomous operation and data storing

  • Up to 365-days of battery-powered operation (optional solution)

  • Pre-programmed protocols for five most common fluorescence parameters: FT, QY, OJIP, NPQ, and Light Curve

  • Online data acquisition (optional solution)

  • Complex FluorPen software for data transfer routines and further processing

Monitoring Pen on the Mini Tripod

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