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Sap Flow Sensor type SF-G


Sap Flow Sensor type SF-G

The SF-G sensor is the typical Granier sensor and consists of two needles



■ Suitable for tree diameter >2 cm

■ Reusable sensor



■ Temperature difference between the needles are superimposed by the vertical variation of Stem temperature (up to + / -2.5 ° C). This leads to unpredictable errors of over 100%.

■ Sap flow at night can not be measured. Due to the temperature overlays the night values are incorrectly set to zero


Available Models

■ SF-G 20/33, depth of installation 20-33 mm

■ SF-G 20/43, depth of installation 20-43 mm

■ SF-G 20/63, depth of installation 20-63 mm


Delivery by Standard Version

■ Sensor with 5 cable, weatherproof cap, Aluminium tubes


Options / Ordering Information

■ Cable extension (please specify in meters, but max. 20 m)

■ CCS power supply (one CCS is enough for up to 3 SF-G sensors)

■ Installation tools

■ Data Logger


Technical data

NameSap Flow Sensor Type SF-G
Needle sizeDiameterr 1.5 mm, Length 33, 43, 63 mm
Cable length5 m, extendable to 20 m
Suitable for tree sizeDiameter> 2 cm
Power supplyA CCS supplies up to 3 sensors and consumes 1 W (12 V x 84 mA DC, stabilized)
Output0 μV bis 1000 μV DC

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