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Radius dendrometer (DR)


Radius dendrometer  (DR) 

The sensor is anchored by two special screws in the heartwood. The changes outside of the heartwood correspond to the radial growth. The arrangement ensures high stability for long-term measurements.


■ Stability against wind, snow, falling branches and fruits

■ Low pressure at the measuring point

■ Suitable for large trees (diameter> 8 cm)

■ Ideal for long-term measurement with less manpower



■ Trunk is injured by drilling (the damage can be minimized by tree resin)

■ Suitable only for larger trees (diameter>8 cm)



■ Complete with 5 m cable


Options / Ordering Information

■ Cable extension (please specify in meters)

■ Installation tools (tree resin, hand drill)

■ Data Logger


Technical specifications

NameRadius dendrometer (DR)
Suitable for plant sizeDiameter >8 cm
Range of the sensor11 mm
Accuracy±1.5 μm ± 0,12% (CR1000 Logger)
Resolution0.2-2.6 μm (dependent on used data logger)
Thermal expansion coefficient of the sensor<0,1 μm/K
Operating conditionsAir temperature: -30 - 40° C, air humidity: 0-100%

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