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PlantVital 5000 - is a proprietary measurement system to determine the vitality and the stress state on the basis of oxygen balance in the photosynthesis process. The system is applicable for plants from terrestrial and aquatic ecosystems.

Technical description of the measuring system:

System for measuring oxygen concentration including integrated temperature stabilization, with one, two or three measuring channels each consisting of an operating part and an oxygen sensor.

Case Type:                Meditec D220 with handle, LxHxW (mm) 290x260x130.

Electrical Supply:            230V; (50/60) Hertz; protection IP 40.

Principle of measurement:

Computerized measurement of oxygen using a Clark's type oxygen sensor.

Change of oxygen concentration or partial pressure is measured based on the illumination status at the set temperature.

Light wavelength:                                 (635/650) nm or 590 nm

Partial pressure range:                           (0 – 500) mbar     Accuracy: +/- 1 %

Adjustable temperature range:                     (5 – 45)°C          Accuracy: +/- 0,2 K

(In specialized or customized models, the adjustable temperature range is expanded to (5 – 60)°C.)

Each measuring channel can be individually programmed. When there are more than one measuring channel, readings are taken simultaneously but independently from one another.


Operation of measuring system:

A small amount of plant material (a leaf, a coniferous needle, algae, seaweed, etc.) about (10 – 50) mm2 is sufficient for collecting valid results. A drop of a special solution is put on the membrane of the oxygen sensor and the target (plant sample) is placed overtop. Being careful not to trap any air bubbles in the solution, a glass cuvette is screwed on over the prepared target and the sensor is then placed into the measuring channel of the device. After the suitable measuring program is chosen, the “start” key is pressed to begin the analysis. Depending on the device model and the tasks of the research experiment, it is possible to have simultaneous or consecutive analyses of up to three targets. To ensure accuracy, the analysis of one target must take between (15 – 30) minutes. Consequently, if a lot of targets are to be analyzed, purchasing the device model with three measuring channels is recommended.

The software program PlantVital? 7.4:

The software is company owned (cost is included in the price of the device).

System requirements: 

1GHz, 20 MB of available hard disk space; RS232 or USB; monitor resolution from 1024x768; Windows 2000/XP.

After installation, the software is immediately ready to use.

The software program PlantVital? 7.4 allows the user to define the experiment’s parameters as well as calibrate the oxygen sensors.

Users can program a measuring process for each chamber separately. Real time data as well as graphs allow for an easy visual assessment. The software also allows for the data and graphs to be analyzed and saved. During the course of a measuring process, users can compare obtained data and graphs. The software can also provide statistical analysis and standard deviations of the results.

Measuring parameters:

“R” -     respiration; oxygen demand during “dark” (light independent) breathing

“D” -      time delay between switching light on and the minimum point of the curve (light

compensation point)

“S”  -      slope efficiency = release of oxygen during enzymatic photolysis

“M”       -      maximum = equilibrium at the oxygen sensor

“KphA”    -      -S/R; indicator of efficiency of primary processes


The parameters above are determined automatically by the software. They are indicators for assessing the vitality and stress state of the plant sample.

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