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The MULTIPLEX RESEARCH  sensor is a portable field fluorometer.

This non-contact sensor allows to perform real-time and non-destructive 

measurements of chlorophyll and polyphenols (anthocyanin, flavonols) in 

leaves and fruits. This can be done at the laboratory, in the field hand-held

 or mounted on vehicles.

Its internal GPS is used for mapping and the geolocalization of blocks.

The MULTIPLEX RESEARCH has large capacity for data acquisition and storage thanks to its datalogger.

The calculated indices are :

  • SFR (Simple Fluorescence Ratio), the chlorophyll index.

  • FLAV, flavonol index.

  • NBI (Nitrogen Balance Index), indicator of nitrogen deficiency.

  • ANTH, anthocyanin index.

It is possible to customize the sensor and indices. 

This optical sensor offers various applications, specifically used in ecophysiology :

  • Physiological studies

  • Genetic studies

  • Plant phenology studies

  • Herbal selection

For any study that needs knowledge of leaf chlorophylls content (SFR), among others for:

  • Nutritional chlorosis

  • Disease-induced chlorosis

  • Potential photosynthesis

Or/and leaf flavonols index (FLAV) for:

  • UV protection

  • Leaf light environment

  • Phenolics accumulation

Or/and leaf anthocyanins index (ANTH) for:

  • Temperature stress

  • Light environment

  • Leaf senescence

  • Mutant selection

In addition to simultaneous measurements of chlorophyll, flavonol and anthocyanin indices,

 the MULTIPLEX RESEARCH? calculates other indices, like:

  • . The Nitrogen Balance Index (NBI), index of crop nitrogen nutrition estimation.

  • . The Normalised chlorophyll Fluorescence Index (NFI), index of crop porosity estimation.

  • . The Blue-to-Red fluorescence Ratio (BRR), index of crop water stress.

  • . The FERARI index, index of red grape maturation.

The MULTIPLEX RESEARCH  sensor has 3 standard configurations so the user can choose which 

one suits the best his application, related to the nature of the sample (leaf, fruit, chlorophyll

 and polyphenolics concentration). It is possible to ask for a custom configuration, specially designed 

to fit with the specific requirements of the user.

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