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The MULTIPLEX 330 sensor is a portable fluorometer that allows exciting the fluorescence of molecules under UV, which were unattainable before. The fluorescent molecules, phytoalexins for instance, are measured in real-time and in a non-destructive way.

The polyphenols are induces by the plant due to pathogen agents, making the MULTIPLEX 330? sensor a field fluorometer for pathogen detection.

The main indices calculated by the system are:

  • BF_UV: blue fluorescence under UV excitation (early maker of disease presence thanks to phytoalexin fluorescence).

  • ANTH: index of anthocyanins (stress).

  • FLAV: index of flavonols (light, protection).

  • SFR_R and SFR_G: indices of chlorophyll (chlorosis).

This is possible to customize the signals measured by the fluorometer, upon request. 

The MULTIPLEX 330  sensor shows the following features:

  • Non-destructive and real-time measurements.

  • Geolocated measurements (GPS).

  • Broad sampling area (30 cm2).

  • Multispectral (UV-VIS).

  • Datalogger (data classification, SD card).

  • All plant kinds – leaves and fruits. plant senescence monitoring.

  • Leaf colour/maturity.

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