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DJ-DFB02 Prostrate Instrument (desk type)

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For a long time, the lodging of crop such as corn, broomcorn, tobacco, result in illumination insufficient and restrict the production amount seriously. Meanwhile, it cause great difficulties to machine harvest, and lots of grains wasted. This instrument is using to measure how much the stem of the plant endures against the wind of storm. It also suit for genetic breeding.



1.      big LCD screen shows the pressure in figures and can inversed;

2.      Can connect to computer, test, save and print, and analysis a lot of parameters such as input speed, area, displacement and pressure;

3.      Configured with various of platens, it’s more convenient for measuring;

4.      Easy to use, short time measuring with high precision;

5.      Show battery capacity, auto power-off when out of energy.

6.      With spiral test machine, ladder-shaped screw rod twirl, hand wheel to load, operate easily and steady


Technical Parameters:

·  Model: DJ-DFB02

·  Maximum load: 500N

·  Measure units: kgf/lb/N

·  Precision: +/-0.2%F.S,+/-digit

·  Display: 4 figures LCD

·  Measure value: peak and current value, peak value can maintain

·  Collecting speed: 1000time/s

·  Digifax transition: 16-bitΔ Σtype

·  Processor: 8-bit CPU

·  Operating environment temperature: -20 to 40

·  Power: NI-MH battery or external AC linear power adapter or by USB of computer

·  Output data: USB connect to computer

·  Shut down automatically: 10 minutes

·  Battery alarm: when out of energy, the symbol of battery will flicker

·  Weight: 30Kg


Country of Origin: CHINA

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