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DJ-GQ03 Original Root Sampler

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DJ-GQ03 Original Root Sampler

Studying the roots can give us a better understanding about the growth of trees and plants root system (including the depth and the density of the root system).


Generally plants in the soil should have a broad dense root system, which allows plants to make fuller use of soil. If the nutrition and water are sufficient, then the more widely root distributes, the more fully it absorbs.


If the root which under study doesn’t look like “normally”, it may be caused by the follow factors:

·  The soil layer is too hard to penetrate. For example plow layer, bog ore, thick clay and fertile soil;

·  Huge difference of soil layers. Such as clay and sandy soil, humus-rich soil and no humus soil(sandy soil) etc.;

·  The ground water is too high;

·  Ground water fluctuate enormously;

·  Acidity layer;

·  Oxygen content in subsoil is too little.


When compare density of roots from different soil, samples’ exterior and interior must be the same.



·  Intensive incision head, easily use and long-lasting;

·  The incision head can be replaced;

·  With a beating head, an impact nylon hammer can be used in hard soil layers.


Country of Origin: CHINA

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