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Aquatic Control Systems


Aquatic Control Systems

pH/CO2 Control System for fresh and sea water tanks


Aquatic Research

Aquatic Respirometry Studies


Algal Cultivation

Ocean Acidification Research

Environmental Control

Qubit Systems manufactures Aquatic Control Systems for both fresh and sea water.  These systems control pH/CO2, O2 and temperature in up to 4 different tanks, independently.  Our Aquatic Control Systems are customized to the size of the tanks and the range of control parameters.  Qubit Control Systems have wide applications in aquatic research, aquaculture, aquatic respirometry studies, algal cultivation, aquatic environmental control, ocean acidification studies.

The Following Aquatic Control Systems are Available:

  • Q-DO2 Control System 1 to 4 channels

  • Q-pH/DCO2 Control System 1 to 4 channels

  • Q-Temperature Control System 1 to 4 channels

Components of Each System:

  • Up to four sensors (DO, pH or Temp. probes)

  • Up to four 3-way solenoid valves

  • Up to four flow meters customized to tank volumes

  • Up to two Digital Control Units (DCU)

  • Up to two low volume low pressure regulators

  • 4 channels data interface

  • Software

  • Bubbling stones, tubing, connectors

pH/CO2 Control System data for 4 channels

Each system can be complemented with additional sensors for monitoring of other aquatic parameters than those that are being controlled.  The following sensors are available: salinity, dissolved O2, temperature, pH, dissolved CO2. Qubit Systems can customize your Aquatic Control System for regulation of other parameters. 

Country of Origin:Canada

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