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TS-100 High-Efficiency Aspirated Radiation Shield


TS-100 High-Efficiency Aspirated Radiation Shield

Research-grade accuracy with only 80 mA

The TS-100 represents a breakthrough in the accurate measurement of air temperature and humidity by providing excellent sensor protection using a fraction of the power of other shields. The unique design and cutting-edge low-power fan make it the first research-grade fan aspirated radiation shield that is practical for use on battery or solar powered stations.

Due to power limitations, remote stations have typically been restricted to using less accurate, naturally aspirated shields. These shields can cause measurement errors of 1 C to 10 C in low-wind and high solar-load conditions (Huwald, 2009). The TS-100 solves this problem, allowing researchers to finally make the most accurate measurements no matter the location.

Huwald, H., C.W. Higgins, M.O. Boldi, E. Bou-Zied, M. Lehning, and M.B. Parlange, 2009. Albedo effect on radiative errors in air temperature measurements. Water Resources Research 45, W08431, doi:10.1029/2008WR007600.


 Apogee TS-100 Aspirated Radiation Shield Sensor port accepts multiple sensor configurations using available adaptors. The TS-100 coanda style inlet enhances efficient air-flow in cross winds. TS-100 Aspirated Shield cross-section showing coanda inlet and venturi contour. Durable low-power PWM fan has an IP-55 rating. Multiple sensor port adaptors are available for using thermistors, PRTs, and humidity probes.


Research Grade Accuracy - Extensive tests with replicate shields over the past three years have shown the TS-100 compares favorably (+/- 0.02 C) to the high-power aspirated shields from Met One and R. M. Young in all conditions. Each unit comes with an included precision thermistor providing a measurement uncertainty of ±0.1 C right out of the box.

Unique Low-Power Fan – The TS-100 features an adjustable high-efficiency fan drawing only 80 mA (one-Watt; 12 VDC) on full power, and can be turned down to 28 mA (0.3 Watts) using pulse width modulation (PWM) at night without affecting accuracy. The fan is powered and controlled by a datalogger and features constantan lead wires to reduce thermal conductivity, and a tachometer output for monitoring fan speed and performance.

New-Age Shape - The unique geometry of the TS-100 enhances the natural aspiration of the unit eliminating the need for a large fan. The coanda-style inlet and inner venturi contour allow efficient airflow in both high-winds and still air. This saves power and reduces maintenance by minimizing ingress of dust and debris.

Durability - The TS-100 is built for long-term performance in all climates, from arctic, to desert, to maritime conditions. The housing is cast from rugged Geloy plastic, while the internal fan has an impressive Ingress Protection Rating of 55 (IP55), making it virtually impervious to moisture and dirt. All internal spaces are filled with insulating foam to minimize heat transfer and increase field ruggedness. The TS-100 is so tough, it is currently used on the solar powered weather station at a record-setting cold location in the contiguous USA - Peter Sinks, Utah; where night-time temperatures regularly fall to – 40 C in winter months. See details below.

Sensor Compatibility - In addition to the standard included thermistor, the TS-100's sensor port can quickly accommodate various combinations of other thermistors, PRTs, and humidity probes using one of the available adaptor plugs. We currently stock port adaptors for the Apogee model ST-110 precision thermistor (included), Apogee model ST-300 PRT(available soon), Campbell Scientific model CS215, Vaisala models HMP110 and HMP60, and the Rotronic HC2-S. If you use a different probe, please contact us directly to discuss compatibility.

Warranty and Support – The TS-100 comes with an industry-leading four (4) year warranty and is fully backed by Apogee Instruments outstanding customer support.


>TS-100 Owner's Manual / Specs

>Sample Program


>Accuracy Differences in Naturally vs Fan-Aspirated Shields

>Comparing Performance of three Fan-aspirated Solar Radiation Shields

>Feature Article on the TS-100 in Meteorological Technology International

         >Click here for a PDF copy of the article


The TS-100 has been deployed for the past year on a weather station at a record-setting cold location in the contiguous United States - Peter Sinks, Utah. It is used to accurately measure extremely cold air temperatures that occur at the site. (Note the Apogee SP-230 all-season pyranometer in the picture as well.)Visit the Peter Sinks website by clicking here > The Peter Sinks site uses two yellow-bead thermistors and two PRTs in an Apogee TS-100 to make replicate measurements.   The Department of Plants, Soils, & Climate at Utah State University maintains a solar powered weather observatory on campus using both an Apogee TS-100 aspirated shield and a standard static shield to monitor air temperature. A real-time graph on the site illustrates errors that can occur with static shields in certain conditions.

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