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Tetracam's Weather-proof ADC

Ideal for Manned Aircraft


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The ADC Air is a ruggedized single sensor digital multi-spectral camera designed and optimized for capture of visible light wavelengths longer than 520nm and near-infrared wavelengths up to 920nm. Like the ADC, the primary use of this product is for frequencies of light reflected and absorbed by crop canopies and vegetation. When the ADC Air's output is fed into the accompanying PixelWrench2 image software, stress factors and the overall health of the photographed vegetation may be determined.

Unlike the ADC, the Air version is weather-tight and fully protected for harsh environments. All in-flight control is able to be accomplished through a single cable. Weather sealed doors and a screw-on lens hood allow full access to camera connectors, lens and CF card when out of the weather. This is the preferred camera for external mounting on manned aircraft. The ADC Air is also an ideal solution for long term vegetation studies in static ground-based installations.

The ADC Air's field of view (FOV) is   laid out in a 4:3 format.  When carried in a manned or unmanned   aircraft, the field of view increases as the above ground level (AGL)   altitude increases.  As the altitude increases, the camera's ability to   resolve individual details on the ground decreases.  With its standard 8.0 mm lens, when flown at altitude of 400 feet   above ground level, this camera creates an image large enough to capture 1.85   acres at a resolution of less than two inches per pixel in a single   shot!  Refer to our Multispectral Crop and   Application Database or Selected Readings for   descriptions of example applications.


ADC Air (with 8.0 mm Lens)

Ground Resolution & FOV   Examples

Sensor & Lens ParametersObject   Distance(Altitude Above Ground Level in meters)Ground Resolutionin mm per   pixelFOV(width x height)in metersThe values shown at right were derived from   the FOV (Field of View) Optical Calculator contained in Tetracam's   PixelWrench2 software (included with this camera) using the current values   for this camera shown below: Sensor Dimensions (mm):  6.55 x   4.92Pixel Size (microns): 3.2Camera Lens Focal Length (mm):  8.0122 m (~ 400 ft)48.8100 x 75213.4 m (~ 700 ft)85.4175 x 131365.8 m (~ 1200 ft)146.3300 x 225915 m (~ 3000 ft)366749 x 563


System Connections and Controls

 ADC Air System MenusThe button atop   the ADC Air acts as a shutter release triggering image capture when it is   depressed.  User control of the ADC Air is accomplished through   hierarchical system menus such as the one shown at left. These are accessible   through the system software (PixelWrench2) running on a Windows computer   connected to the camera via its USB interface. The system menus present users   with a series of configuration choices.  Scrolling through and selecting   these configures the camera.  Check out the User Manual below   for precise descriptions of the system menus and all other controls and   connections in the ADC. ADC  Air ConnectionsPower:  The ADC   Air obtains its power from a 12 VDC external power supply provided with the   unit.  This plugs into the 12V power input below a weather-sealed access   cover on the side of the chassis.  Trigger:  An External   Trigger Cable (un-terminated on one end) is available with the system for   remotely triggering the camera to capture images.  Closing the   connection between the RING and the TIP on the provided cable causes the   camera to trigger (reference TYPICAL EXTERNAL TRIGGER CIRCUIT for   further details).  The ADC Air may also be triggered in a variety of   other ways (see below).RS232:  The camera contains an RS232 link   that may be connected to a GPS receiver for capturing the precise GPS   coordinates at the exact instant that an image is captured. USB:    Below the RS232 connector, the USB connector provides a link to host   computers. PixelWrench2 can process images accessed via this   link.  In manned aircraft, Tetracam's   optional SensorLink GPS waypoint triggering application enables   camera triggering at pre-defined waypoints via the USB interface.Video Out:   The camera contains a Video Out connector that may be used to output system   menus, the camera's current view or captured images to a remote receiver   via a wire or telemetry.Multi-I/O Connector:  The ADC Air also contains   a Multi-I/O connector on the rear of the unit.  This provides a link to   an optional ADC/MCA Controller Box.  The ADC/MCA Controller Box enables   ADC Air users to remotely control the camera.ADC/MCA Controller Box -The   optional ADC/MCA Controller Box (shown at right) contains buttons that enable   the user to manually scroll up and down through system menus, pick a   selection or take a picture.  The box also contains an RS232 connector   and Video Out connector that are linked to the camera through the Multi-I/O   Connector.  These links simplify cabling when the ADC Air is used in a   manned aircraft.  The ADC/MCA Box comes standard with a six foot (1.8288 m) Hirose cable but   longer cables are available upon request. Information on the ADC Air's   Multi-IO Hirose circular connector and the cables that may be connected to it   are shown on our web site here.


Standard System Contents

 System Contents Includes:System   Includes:ADC Air Camera 2GB Certified CF card8.0 mm "C" mount lensRugged Pelican   Carrying Case12 VDC external power supplyExternal power cable (un-terminated   on one end)External Trigger Cable (un-terminated on one end)USB CableWhite   Teflon Calibration Plate (AKA Calibration tag or Software Calibration   Tile)System CD with PixelWrench2 software (PW2)(See additional CD contents at   right)  Typical Availability:2 to 3 weeks (although faster   turnaround times are often possible). Please contact us for more   information regarding configuration options, pricing and availability.Options   Commonly Purchased with this Product: SensorLinkADC-MCA Controller Box   and Multi-I/O cableFirePoint? GPS Navigation SystemTetracam Camera   Calibration Service ($250.00 USD)  

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