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The CR9000X is a large, modular multiprocessor system that provides precision measurement capabilities in a rugged, battery-operated package. It consists of a base system and a chassis with slots for up to nine user-selected I/O modules. The CR9000X is our fastest datalogger, with a measurement rate of 100,000 Hz, making it ideal for rapid sampling applications.

CLICK HERE to see the entire list of available I/O modules for the CR9000X and CR9000XC.

Campbell Scientific also offers the CR9000XC, a compact version, that accepts up to five I/O modules.

Benefits and Features

  • Up to nine I/O modules can be used to configure a system for your specific application.

  • Ideal for vehicle testing, structural or seismic monitoring, or other applications that require rapid sampling or a large number of high resolution channels

  • Throughput of 100,000 measurements per second is ideal for high demand research, such as flux and complex structural monitoring.

  • Contains an on-board 10baseT/100baseT port allowing direct Ethernet connection; an interface such as the NL100 is not required

  • CR9052IEPE and CR9052DC modules provide powerful anti-aliasing and real-time FFT capabilities that are unique to the CR9000X-series dataloggers

  • Includes RTDAQ Real-Time Data-Acquisition Software, which provides program generation, data graphics, and analysis

  • Integrated PCMCIA slot accepts memory cards up to 2 GB for stand-alone data collecting.

  • Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) protected inputs

  • Collects and stores data and controls peripherals as the brain of your system

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