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Accurate Weather Data is Critical to Farming Success

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Accurate Weather Data is Critical to Farming Success

Davis Instruments is unsurpassed in providing professional grade weather stations to support critical decision making in agriculture.  Whether you are concerned about irrigation needs, frost alerts, pest management, or accurately forecasting harvest dates, Davis Instruments provides a comprehensive solution at an affordable price.  With Vantage Connect cellular/wireless telemetry, it is easy to collect data from anywhere  on your farm.

Choose the Right Tools to Support Your Critical Farming Decisions

  • Make Irrigation Decisions Based on Plant-Water Demand
    Monitor in-field ET readings and use Watermark soil moisture probes to dramatically improve irrigation decision making.

  • Receive Timely Frost Alerts
    Stay ahead of frost damage. Real-time alerts from multiple cold spots on your ranch, sent as text messages to your cell phone, help you respond quickly.

  • Establish Comprehensive Ag Weather Monitoring
    View a complete picture of current weather conditions anywhere on your ranch. Solar-powered, wireless and cellular options provide complete flexibility to collect weather data from all your most critical locations.

  • Share Data
    Easily share your weather data and alerts with anyone who has Internet access, including field staff, farm consultants and your customers.

  • Observe Wind Conditions Prior to Spraying
    Easily obtain current weather data on your Smartphone using our free iPhone or Android app.

  • Calculate Pest Risks Based on Your Own Weather Data
    Use detailed weather data collected from your own farm to calculate pest risk levels and the potential danger they may pose to your crops. Integrated Pest Management (IPM) modules are available for a variety of crops.

  • Track Chilling Requirements During Crop Dormancy
    Set your own thresholds and start and end dates using in-field data to obtain an accurate picture of chill hour accumulation.

  • Use Growing Degree Days to Accurately Forecast Harvest Dates
    Track heat units every 15 minutes to provide a detailed record of progress against crop growth targets in order to improve harvest forecast accuracy.

Remote Weather Station  

data available on your Smartphone


Choose the Right Solution for Your Needs

We have created six solutions for a variety of needs. Start with our Agricultural Remote Weather Station.

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