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G400 Gas Mixing Systems


G400 Gas Mixing Systems can provide any gas mixture with up to 9 different gases. Gases are mixed automatically using Mass Flow Controllers with superb accuracy.  Our PC-based MFC Gas Mixing Software (C960) performs all the calculations required to generate your chosen gas mixture and implements mass flow controler settings with a mouse click. User may mix one gas combination and queue the next. If any selection is out of range the software warns the user.  Contact QUBIT with your specific requirements.  Let us know a number of gases, types of gases being mixed, concentration ranges of resultant gases and the total final flow rate required, and we will design your Gas Mixing System.

Key Features:

  • Combine up to 9 gases using Qubit’s Mass Flow Controllers.
  • Mass Flow Controller Ranges from 0.5 SCCM to +200 SLM.
  • Mass Flow Controller accuracy 0.2 % full scale or 0.8% of reading.
  • Multiple Alternate Gases may be used with each controller.
  • 13 Different gas flow calibrations stored per controller.
  • pure or mixed gases used as input gas.
  • manual or software control of mixing.
  • PC interface provided for software control.


  • Combine 2 to 9 gases automatically.
  • Instantaneous provision of required mixture with a mouse click.
  • No calibration input required.Intuitive command structure.
  • Automated flow implementation based on ratio and total flow.
  • Error messages prevent selection out of range.
  • Implement one gas mixture and queue the next.
  • Store and retrieve settings.

Set up screen for 4 gas mixing system:


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