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HE1LP Human Electrophysiology Package


The HE1LP Human Electrophysiology Package is designed to investigate electrophysiological aspects of human physiology in a completely safe and non-invasive manner. Measure such parameters as EKG, EMG, Dynamometry, GSR and EOG. Where required, disposable electrodes are supplied, each of which has a gel backing that attaches the electrode to the subject’s skin. Signals from the skin are transmitted through optically isolated circuitry, and power for the sensors is transformed from AC to low voltage DC, so there is never any risk of electric shock.

NOTE: All human electrophysiology and human respiratory monitoring products provided by
Qubit Systems Inc. are NOT approved for medical or clinical applications.

The Human Electrophysiology Package includes:

Numerous investigations are possible with each of the sensors, which may be purchased individually or as a package with a C410 LabPro interface and C901 Logger Pro software. The sensors provide an excellent complement to the HR1LP Human Respirometry Package for comprehensive investigations of subjects under a variety of conditions.

Electrocardiograph (EKG) Sensor S205
The EKG sensor measures cardiac waveforms generated by electrical activity of the heart muscle. The cyclical contraction and relaxation of the atria and ventricles creates an electrical current that moves through the body, which can be measured by electrodes attached to the skin. The EKG sensor comes with 3 electrode cables and a set of 100 disposable electrodes.

Electromyograph (EMG) Sensor S210
Qubit Systems’ surface electromyograph (EMG) records the electrical activity of muscles. Normal muscle tissue is electrically silent when relaxed. When it is active during a contraction, an electrical current is generated that can be measured at the surface of the skin. The strength of the signal depends upon the number of muscle motor units recruited to contract the muscle. An audible signal is produced as the muscle is flexed so that the subject receives a visual and an aural indication of the strength of the contraction.

Hand Dynamometer S216
Qubit Systems’ strain-gage based isometric S216 Hand Dynamometer is designed for use with the LabPro interface and Logger Pro software in a variety of experiments, and may be combined with the S210 EMG sensor for comprehensive studies of muscle activity. The dynamometer is factory calibrated in Newtons and kilograms force. It measures grip strength, relative strength of the left and right hand, muscle fatigue and endurance. It also has grips for measuring finger strength.

Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Sensor S220
The S220 Galvanic Skin Response (GSR) Sensor measures the psycho-galvanic reflex. This reflex generates a change in skin conductivity during periods of stress, excitement or shock. The GSR sensor monitors skin conductivity between two reusable electrodes attached to 2 fingers of one hand. While the subject is at rest, a steady background signal will be monitored by C901 Logger Pro software on the computer screen. It is also possible to obtain an audible signal.

Electrooculograph (EOG) Sensor S225
Qubit Systems’ S225 Electrooculograph (EOG) is used to monitor eye movement of a stationary subject. A reference electrode is placed on the forehead, electrodes are placed on the right and left temples for lateral eye movement detection, and above and below an eye for vertical eye movement detection. Lateral movement and vertical movement are plotted on different channels as voltages, or the EOG can be calibrated for each subject to provide angles of eye movement in both the horizontal and vertical plane.

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