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FL23 Algal CO2 Package


The FL23 Algal CO2 Analysis Package is used to measure CO2 exchange from algae in a head space of a plexiglass cuvette (80ml total volume) designed by Qubit Systems.  The CO2 gas released into head space of the cuvette is measured by the Q-S151 CO2 analyzer (0-2000ppm).

The FL23 Algal CO2 Exchange Package includes:

Algal Gas Exchange Chamber

Gas enters the cuvette via the inlet port and an air stone which is below the liquid level.  This causes  bubbling through the sample, and thus generates  mixing action.  The CO2 from the algal suspension is released into the head space above the liquid and exits the chamber via the gas outlet.  Gas coming out of the chamber enters a PTFE filter first, then Nafion RH equilibrator and the drying column before it enters the Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer for measurements of CO2 concentration.  If any liquid does accidentely leaves the algal chamber the PTFE filter will stop it from entering the Q-S151 CO2 analyzer.

Additional options:

The illumination of the algal culture can be provided by the A111 Halogen Light source or A113 LED light Source.  Chlorophyll Fluorescence measurements  can be obtained usign the  Cuvette AquaPen (Z985) where the suspension of the algal culture is transferred into a cuvette for the measurements.

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