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BBB1LP Breath by Breath Package (O2+CO2)


Qubit’s BBB1LP Breath by Breath Respirometry Package is designed to measure both steady-state and dynamic changes in human metabolic rate under a variety of test conditions. VO2, VCO2, VO2max, resting metabolic rate (RMR), Respiratory Exchange Ratio (RER) and a host of other physiological and pulmonary parameters may be measured on a breath by breath basis using this package.

The Breath by Breath Respirometry Package contains:



The Breath by Breath Respirometry Package is for educational and research use only. It is not to be used as a clinical or diagnostic tool.

When running experiments using the Breath by Breath Respirometry Package, the user wears a light-weight face mask (or a breathing tube if preferred) that allows for breath sampling during rest or during exercise on a variety of ergometers. Inhaled and exhaled breath are analyzed by the rapid response O2/ CO2 analyzer (S147) at a sampling rate of 100 Hz so that the entire breath wave form is displayed graphically in real time. The breath wave form and end-tidal O2 and CO2 are clearly displayed, even during vigorous exercise.

A heart rate monitor (S182) is also included with the Breath by Breath system, as is a spirometer for lung function analysis. All data are collected and displayed graphically using Logger Pro software (C901)  via a LabPro interface (C410)  that is compatible with both PC and Macintosh Computers. Logger Pro software has a host of data analysis functions, and both raw and calculated data may be exported to spreadsheets for further analysis if required.

The Breath by Breath Respirometry Package is easy to set up and use, and has all the accuracy of metabolic cart systems which cost many times more.

to view our instructional videos about the use of BBB1LP package please Contact QUBIT


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Figure 1. Raw O2 and CO2 data from a Breath by Breath Respirometry experiment.


Figure 2. Calculated breath parameters from a Breath by Breath Respirometry experiment.

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