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Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration Package


The Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration Package provides the user with all of the materials required to measure the metabolic rate of small animals such as mammals, reptiles, amphibians, insects and other invertebrates in an open-flow or closed-flow gas exchange system.  The Package can even be used for measurements of CO2 and O2 exchange in colonies of fungi and microorganisms.

Open flow measurements are used for measurements of larger, or more metabolically active samples, whereas for measurements of very small changes in pO2 the system is used in a closed-flow configuration in which gases are re-circulated through the system and cumulative O2 consumption is measured over time.

The concentration of CO2 and O2 in the gas that is supplied to the animal chamber or flask is determined using the Q-S151 infrared CO2 gas analyzer and the fuel cell Q-S102 O2 Analyzer.  The gas is pumped at a known flow rate (adjusted by the Q-P651 Gas Pump and Q-G265 Flow Monitor) through the chamber containing the subject material.  The concentration of CO2 and O2 in the outflow gas is determined using the Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer and Q-S102 O2 Analyzer.  Analog signals from all of the sensors are converted to digital signals via two integrated interfaces (6 available channels).  Data are displayed, recorded and manipulated on a PC or Macintosh computer using Logger Pro software. Changes in the concentrations of CO2 and O2 in the outflow gas can be monitored in real time.  Metabolic rate can be calculated from the change in O2 and CO2 and the flow rate.

The Q-Box RP1LP also includes a temperature sensor (S132) which can be placed in the animal chamber to allow investigations into the effect of temperature on metabolic rate, and to correct metabolic rates measured at different temperatures to a standard temperature, assuming a given Q10.

The Q-Box RP1LP Package can be used to investigate animal metabolic responses to exercise, to different diets, to the administration of pharmaceuticals and to various concentrations of O2 and CO2 in the gas supplied to the sample chamber.  Gas mixtures can be supplied via 2 large gas bags (supplied with the system) or, for longer term experiments like hibernation studies, from a compressed gas source.

Other potential applications for this package include measurements of metabolism from aquatic suspensions.  For example, measurement of yeast fermentation in which air or N2 gas is bubbled through a yeast suspension and the outflow gas is analyzed using the Q-S102 O2 Analyzer and Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer.  Air can also be pumped through a soil chamber or a covered petri dish.  In summary, the Q-Box RP1LP can be used to measure the O2 consumption rate and CO2 production rate of virtually any biological system in which these changes in pCO2 and pO2 are in the ranges measured by the analyzers.

The Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration Package Includes:

  • Q-P651 Gas Pump (4L/min no load)
  • G113 Animal Chamber (1.6x10cm)
  • G115 Animal Chamber (3.8x20cm)
  • G122 Large Gas Bags
  • Q-G265 Flow Monitor (0-2L/min)
  • Q-S102 O2 Analyzer (0-100%)
  • S132 Stainless Steel Temperature Probe
  • Q-S151 CO2 Analyzer (0-2000ppm) (Includes CO2 and H2O scrubbers)
  • C610 two intergrated LabQuest Mini data interfaces
  • C901 Logger Pro Software
  • C404 Customized Setup Software
  • Q-Box Accessory Kit
  • Rugged water-proof case housing all analyzers and sensors
  • Manual
  • individual power supplies for stand alone use of the analyzers and sensors

Optional component:

  • A248 Battery Pack and charger (for use in the field)


Sample data with a single caterpillar in an open-flow system:

sample data with a cricket in a closed-flow system:

Q-Box RP1LP software provides calculation templates for VCO2 only with RQ assumptions, and VCO2 and VO2 determinations in an open flow system.

The Q-Box RP1LP Low Range Respiration Package, can easily be adapted to work as Q-Box CO650 Plant CO2 Analysis Package for measurements of photosynthesis, photorespiration and respiration in leaves by purchasing a G112 Flow Through Leaf Chamber, Q-A101 Lab Stand, and the A113 LED Light Source.

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