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Q-Box HR1LP Human Respirometry Package


The Q-Box HR1LP Human Respirometry Package allows users to conduct numerous safe, exciting investigations in respiratory and cardiovascular physiology. The equipment and instruments are simple to set up and operate . The Q-Box HR1LP Human Respirometry Package is ideal for use in undergraduate laboratory courses, yet the package’s Infrared CO2 Analyzer, Oxygen Sensor, Pneumotach Spirometer and Wireless Exercise Heart-Rate Monitor have the accuracy and resolution required for research.

NOTE: All human electrophysiology and human respiratory monitoring products provided by Qubit Systems Inc. are NOT approved for medical or clinical applications.

The Q-Box HR1LP Human Respirometry Package Includes:

C901 LoggerPro  software supplied with the Human Respirometry Package displays breathing frequency, relative breathing pattern, heart rate data as well as O2 and CO2 concentration in the exhaled breath, as they are collected. This enables the user to follow changes in these variables as they occur during the various experimental procedures.  Exhaled air is sub-sampled from a Breath Mixing Bag and pumped through the gas analysis system at a known flow rate. From the  change in O2 and CO2 concentration in the breath mixing bag, VO2, VCO2 and respiratory exchange ratio are calculated. From the average breath flow minute ventilation rate (VE) is also calculated.  During spirometry measurements vital capacity manouvers can be performed to obtain Flow-Volume Loops and Volume-Time plots.   Calculations of various lung volumes and capacities are done in the software.

Q-Box HR1LP Human Respirometry Package can be used for measurements of:

  • VO2 and VCO2 during rest and exercise
  • Heart rate
  • Tidal Lung Volume
  • Minute Ventilation
  • Vital Lung Capacity
  • Breathing Frequency

CO2 and O2 are monitored continuously in mixed expired air, so that changes in VO2 and VCO2 can be monitored with time and under changing conditions.

Example of experiments with Q-Box HR1LP Human respirometry Package:

  • Effects of isotonic exercise on VE, VO2, VCO2 and respiratory exchange ratio
  • Effects of hyperventilation and breath holding on respiration and heart rate
  • Effects of re-breathing and increased dead space on respiration and heart rate
  • Effects of diet, caffeine, etc. on metabolism
  • Differences in lung volume and capacity between individuals
  • Simulations of obstructive lung disease and its ettect on Flow-Volume plots

The Q-Box HR1LP package can be easily adapted for use as Q-Box RP2LP High Range Respiration Package by adding the G114 Animal Chamber.  As such it can be used for investigations of respirometry in mice and other small animals.

Software: Respirometery Data Set

Software: Spirometry Data Set

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