WS-MC02 Scientific-grade automatic weather station

System Introduction:The formation of ecological microclimate is based on the background of local topography and macroclimate, and the characteristics of microclimate change with the type, variety, gro

  • Product Name:WS-MC02 Scientific-grade automatic weather station
  • Model:WS-MC02
  • Country:USA

System Introduction:

The formation of ecological microclimate is based on the background of local topography and macroclimate, and the characteristics of microclimate change with the type, variety, growth period and growth status of crops, which is the result of the interaction of atmosphere, soil and crops. In long-term ecosystem monitoring, the monitoring of meteorological factors is necessary. Air temperature, precipitation, humidity, sunshine, wind direction, wind speed, etc. are important ecological factors, and they are also important factors affecting the growth and development of plants. It is of great significance to conduct long-term monitoring of these meteorological factors, summarize their changing laws, and seek the relationship between them and plant growth.

The automatic weather station is used for all-weather automatic monitoring of ten meteorological elements such as wind direction, wind speed, rainfall, air temperature, relative humidity, air pressure, solar radiation, photosynthetically active radiation, soil temperature, and soil moisture. Other measurement elements can also be customized according to user needs, such as evaporation, sunshine hours, photosynthetically active radiation, soil heat flux, net radiation, etc. The measurement height is generally 2-6 meters, which varies according to the height difference of vegetation. The farmland microclimate station provides good support for agricultural scientific research, agricultural production, and animal husbandry.


System Features:

  • Complete meteorological system, suitable for agricultural production, scientific research and standard measurement

  • Easy installation and maintenance

  • High measurement accuracy, no need for manual participation

  • Flexible configuration of elements

  • It integrates data acquisition and wireless communication, and has chart display function

  • Data collection density can be set by yourself

  • Status monitoring

  • Support AC/solar power supply

  • Maintenance-free, suitable for field applications

  • It can be applied in a single station or can be deployed in a network, wireless data transmission

  • Large-capacity data storage

Measurement and Control Datalogger CR1000X

HygroVUE10 Digital Temperature and Relative Humidity Sensor with M12 Connector

Sensing Element       SHT35 modified by Campbell Scientific

Communication Standard    SDI-12 V1.4 (responds to a subset of commands)

Supply Voltage  7 to 28 Vdc

EMC Compliance Tested and conforms to IEC61326:2013.

Standard Operating Temperature Range     -40° to +70°C

Main Housing Material   UV stable, white PET-P

Electronics Sealing Classification    IP67

Sensor Protection    Outer glass-filled polypropylene cap fitted with a stainless-steel mesh dust filter with nominal pore size of < 30 µm. The sensor element has a PTFE protective film with a filtration efficiency of > 99.99% for particles of 200 nm or larger size.

Sensor Connector  M12, male, 4-pole, A-coded

Cable  Polyurethane sheathed, screened cable, nominal diameter 4.8 mm (0.19 in.)

Field-Replaceable Chip or Recalibrate   Field-replaceable chip

Sensor Cap Diameter      12.5 mm (0.5 in.)

Body Diameter at Connector  18 mm (0.7 in.)

Length       180 mm (7.1 in.) without cable fitted

Sensor Body Weight 50 g (1.8 oz)

Weight       250 g (8.8 oz) with 5 m (16.4 ft) cable

CS106/Pressure sensor

Weight:   90g 

Range:    500~1100hPa

Total accuracy:   ±0.3hPa @20℃      ±0.6hPa @0~40℃

                           ±1.0hPa @-20~45℃     ±1.5hPa @-40~60℃

ML3 ThetaProbe

MeasurementVolumetric water content and soil temperature
Accuracy± 0.01 m3.m-3 (1%)
With soil-specific calibration
± 0.5°C (0 to 40°C for temp sensor)
± 0.75°C (-20 to +60°C for temp sensor)
Soil moisture measurement rangeFull accuracy over:
0 to 0.5 m3.m-3
Full range : 0 to 1.0 m3.m-3
Salinity range50 to 500 mS.m-1
Salinity errors < 0.035 m3.m-3 from 0.05 to 0.4 m3.m-3. Can be calibrated up to 2000 mS.m-1
Temperature rangeFull accuracy over: 0 to 40°C
Output0 to 1.0 V differential
Corresponding to 0 to ~0.6 m3.m-3
Resistance 5.8Ω to 28Ω for temp sensor
Power requirement5-14 V, ~18 mA for 1s
Minimum 5.5 V with 100 m cable
EnvironmentalIP68 (-40 to +70°C)
Sample volume~60 x 30 mm diameter
Sample volume is weighted towards soil immediately surrounding the rods
Dimensions and weightOverall: 158 x 40 mm diameter
Rods: 60 mm x 3.2 mm diameter
(Rods are replaceable)
Weight: 0.1 kg (exc. cable)
Sensor calibrationsIndividual sensors are interchangeable
Recalibration advised every 3 years (depending on use)

Soil calibrations

Generalised Mineral and Organic soil calibrations are supplied

TE525MM tipping bucket rain gauge

200-03002 Wind speed and direction sensor

SKS1110 Total Radiation Sensor

109 Soil Temperature Sensor

Please confirm the system configuration and some key technical specifications with our company before purchasing.