eosGP Redesigned CO2 Concentration Probe

Continuous In-Situ Concentration MeasurementsHarsh Soil and Freshwater EnvironmentsCompact and Low EnergyDatalogger Integration and CompatibilityThe eosGP is a highly adaptable, waterproof CO2 co

  • Product Name:eosGP Redesigned CO2 Concentration Probe
  • Maunufactor:PSI
  • Country:CZ
  • Continuous In-Situ Concentration Measurements

  • Harsh Soil and Freshwater Environments

  • Compact and Low Energy

  • Datalogger Integration and Compatibility

The eosGP is a highly adaptable, waterproof CO2 concentration probe capable of capturing continuous, high resolution measurements in wide range of harsh environments. Available in two calibration ranges the eosGP is designed to measure in both low CO2 environments, such as rivers, lakes and dry desert soils and in higher CO2 environments including peat bogs, waterlogged arctic soils or in soils near geologically active areas. The eosGP offers easy integration with most leading dataloggers using analog inputs.

There are also options for streaming or polling the sensor for serial data, the latter allows up to 32 sensors to be installed on a single datalogger RS-485 channel. The eosGP operates on a wide variety of DC voltages, from 12 V DC to 30 V DC and draws less than 0.5 W of power during operation.