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    • TR-57DCi
      T and D
      IR Communication Capable Portable Data Collector for On-site Collection
    • TR-52i
      T and D
      External Sensor for Quick Response
    • TR-51i
      T and D
      Internal Sensor for Better Water Protection
    • TR-72wf/72wf-S
      T and D
      Wireless LAN Temp & Humidity Logger
    • TR-71wf
      T and D
      Wireless LAN Temp Logger with Variety of Optional Sensors
    • TR-75wf
      T and D
      Wireless LAN Temp Logger for Thermocouple Sensors (K, J, T, E, S, R)
    • TR-75nw
      T and D
      Ethernet/LAN Temp Logger for Thermocouple Sensors
    • MCR Series
      T and D
      4-Channel Voltage Logger
    • TR-81
      T and D
      Wide Temp Range Logger
    • TR-50U2
      T and D
      Waterproof Design Communication Port
    • TR-5i Series
      T and D
      waterproof loggers temperature, voltage, 4-20mA
    • TR-73U
      T and D
      Barometric-Pressure, Temperature, Humidity
    • TR-76Ui
      T and D
      CO2 Concentration, Temperature, Humidity
    • TR-74Ui
      T and D
      Illuminance, UV Intensity, Temperature, Humidity
    • TR-72nw
      T and D
    • TR-71nw
      T and D


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